Surviving the storm - How to prepare for a weather-proactive supply chain

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“Blame It On The Weatherman”, so the ‘90s pop song goes. And many retailers do exactly that when reporting their financial figures: “The snow impacted footfall” ; “Consumers didn’t want to buy their autumn wardrobe in August because of the heatwave” and so the excuses continue. 

Clearly, weather is a source of significant fluctuations in consumer demand, and because of the bullwhip effect, it can produce unnecessary high fluctuations on the supply side as well. 

These fluctuations can quickly turn into costs: prepare too extensively and you’ll end up breaching the capacity limitations at every level of your supply chain and increasing your fresh goods spoilage, but failing to prepare sufficiently can lead to significant lost sales

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • How retailers can optimally prepare for weather-related fluctuations
  • The best practices in weather-based sales forecasting
  • Weather-based sales forecasting in RELEX

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