The workplace of the future

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Steve Jobs has a lot to answer for. The humble smartphone has provided connectivity, productivity and entertainment beyond our wildest dreams in little over a decade. But the rate at which this device has come into our lives and changed the way we communicate, watch television, shop, bank and work has had a huge impact on businesses all over the word.

End users are putting pressure on their IT department like never before, demanding flexibility and a seamless experience on their work laptops, tablets and mobiles.  It is the seamless experience of using apps like Uber, Spotify and Monzo in everyday life that has conditioned end users to want that same experience during their hours of work. Not to mention that nearly every employee has their own smartphone, so why can’t they use that powerful computer in their pocket to do their job?

That’s precisely why enterprise organisations are looking to implement a digital workplace strategy so that they can enable more efficient ways of working and improve productivity, while exploiting consumer-style technologies. A great digital workplace strategy puts the end-user needs as the focus and asks: how can we make them more productive, flexible and engaged?

Content and documents are at the centre of an end-user’s world, it is how information is passed between themselves, their colleagues, customers and partners. The end users must be able to access, collaborate, print, scan, or store those documents from any device, on any platform, anytime, anywhere.

In this webinar we will look at the key issues retailers need to address when looking to create a digital workplace where documents, printing, scanning and storage are optimised for the end-user’s mobility and productivity and are created on a super standardized infrastructure which enables business agility.

We ask:

  • What does the workplace of the future look like?
  • Translating the buzzwords – How do(es) middleware, virtualization, mobility, IT standardisation, business agility, business transformation relate to printing/scanning in the digital workplace of retailers?
  • How do organisations greatly improve and simplify printing/scanning in the digital workplace?
  • How can retailers improve the “user experience” of locating, connecting and printing to devices anywhere?
  • How does a holistic approach to print/output management reduce cost, ensure security and make your business more agile?
  • How can retailers use solutions such as the cloud and virtualisation to make their employees’ lives easier?


Brent Black

Director of Product Management, LRS Inc

    Andrew Hewitt

    Analyst, serving Infrastructure & Operations professionals , Forrester

      Peter Donlon

      CTO, Moonpig

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