Retail 2030: The future of the store

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When it is so easy to purchase goods at the click of your smartphone, it can seem near-impossible to attempt to increase your store footfall. But if you want to encourage shoppers into your store, you need to give them the one thing they can’t get via eCommerce – the human touch. But with cost cutting measures and more and more technology featuring in the store, customers are finding it increasingly difficult to find someone to help them in the aisles or even at the checkout. If you have ever been infuriated by the ‘unexpected item in the bagging area’ alert and not been able to get assistance quickly enough, you will understand the need for humans in the store.

We have finally arrived in 2020, which means it is time to gaze into our crystal balls to find out what the industry needs to do to survive the next decade of retail. And we are not convinced that the future will be filled with Amazon-Go-like stores void of any staff.

At the beginning of the previous decade, retail was all excited about magic mirrors, and while visible technologies will impact the store in the coming years, the real magic will be technology to automate retail behind-the-scenes and free-up store staff’s time to spend with customers on the shop floor.

Join this Essential Retail webinar, sponsored by Reflexis, to discuss how the store is going to change in the next ten years.

In this webinar we took a look at:

  • What will customer experience mean in the next decade? Whiz-bang technology or best-in-class advice from human beings?
  • The changing face of the store – how will the store in 2030 serve customers?
  • Technologies which will improve staff efficiencies and remove them from the back office
  • Innovative task management solutions to remove complexities

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Joe  Berryman

Continuous Improvement Project Manager, Tesco

    Melanie Widdowson

    Head of Instore Customer Experience Development, Boots UK

      Tom Summerfield

      Commercial Consultant

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