Essential Retail Webinars

Social media 2.0

When Facebook started gaining traction, many thought it would just be a phase. But well over a decade later, social media is here to stay and an even bigger beast than we could have ever imagined.

How to compete with Amazon

Whether you like it or not, Amazon is here to stay. Now retailers must find their own strengths and encourage customer loyalty. But how?

The China opportunity - Watch Now

Chinese retailers are becoming more demanding than ever. With smartphones becoming an integral part of their daily lives.

The store isn't dead

Retailers are right to be concerned by the canabalisation of eCommerce – headlines predicting the coming retail apocalypse just keep coming and coming.

The workplace of the future

Steve Jobs has a lot to answer for. The humble smartphone has provided connectivity, productivity and entertainment beyond our wildest dreams in little over a decade.

Demystifying blockchain: a guide for digital retailers

The technology industry claims it will fundamentally change how companies do business. It will provide much-needed visibility in the supply chain as well as enable trust between organisations sharing information.

Essential Retail & Retail Design World's 2018 Round Up

Essential Retail and Retail Design World sit down with a mulled wine (or two) to discuss their favourite retail stories of the year and their predictions for 2019.

The subscription economy: the opportunity for retail

Join Essential Retail, Feelunique, Cornerstone and Crawford IT as we discuss how retailers can capitalise on the trend of subscription services.

Attracting & Retaining Retail Technology Talent

In this webinar, we will discuss how retailers can attract and retain talented technology workers in an ever-increasing digital world.

How to Deliver a Truly Connected Customer Journey

Today’s digital-savvy customers expect to be able to buy on their terms - how they want and whenever they want.

How retailers can work with start-ups

You only have to attend the latest technology conference to know that the retail industry is brimming with innovative ideas and technologies.

The living wage and retail's perfect storm

Essential Retail's webinar, in association with JDA Software, will assess the impact of the National Living Wage on the retail industry.