Retail Ramble podcast: Technology powering The Gym Group

Essential Retail sits down with the CIO of The Gym Group to hear about the technology in place to help this 24-hour gym stay ahead in a fiercely competitive industry.

Ensuring website peak performance

The Gym Group has turned to web performance and testing service provider Tribe to optimise its website during its peak period – the post-Christmas fitness rush of January.

The first month of the year is traditionally The Gym Group’s busiest trading month for existing and new customers and to capitalise on the 2020 New Year, the businesses needed to ensure its website could handle the high volume of users. Tribe completed a website optimisation and load testing project

The Gym Group engaged web performance and testing service specialists, Tribe, to complete the website optimisation and load testing project for the 24/7 business. Tribe focused on testing a number of user journeys that mirrored the most common routes to a transaction and load tested against these in order to gain the insights required to optimise web performance.

The load testing projects helped to deliver a significant 25% increase to The Gym Group’s target in respect to how many transactions per hour the site could handle.

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