Retail Ramble podcast: John Lewis Partnership talks tech start-ups

Essential Retail catches up with John Vary, futurologist at John Lewis Partnership, at the retailer’s latest JLab Pitch Day. Vary shares what he looks for in a start-up and how smaller businesses can help retailers become more agile and innovative.

John Lewis Partnership has now announced the start-ups it plans to work with following its Plastic Pitch Day. The business the retailer intends to trial is called CupClub, which powers a reusable cup subscription service in which coffee cups can be dropped off at stores for cleaning and recycling. 

JLab is also looking at ways it could work with the following start-ups:

  • Cuantec: Takes natural waste materials to obtain a natural biopolymer and is then turned into compostable, antimicrobial food packaging
  • RePack: a reusable and returnable eCommerce mail packaging service
  • Replenish: creates reusable and refillable bottles for liquid concentrates.