Retail Ramble podcast: mobile web vs mobile apps

Mobile app or mobile web? This is one of the biggest digital conundrums for retailers today. As the proliferation of smartphones continues, most companies across multiple industries seem to have an app of some description, but are they still necessary?

Smartphones are no longer a novelty and neither are the applications which inhabit them. Retailers have to invest a lot of time and money into creating mobile apps for a customer to delete them without a second thought if they don't continue to add value to their lives.

And a number of retailers are still missing out on sales because their websites are not optimised for mobile and today's impatient customers do not wish to struggle when making purchases on-the-fly.

Listen to editor of Essential Retail, Ben Sillitoe, and editor of Essential eCommerce, Caroline Baldwin, discuss the pros and cons of applications and the importance of having mobile optimised eCommerce websites in the second episode of the Retail Ramble podcast.