Essential Retail welcomes op-ed pitches from industry professionals. If you would like to be considered, please send a short synopsis and proposed title for your article to Caroline.Baldwin@reedexpo.co.uk

The editorial team will then make a decision on whether or not to issue a commission. Please be patient, we receive several pitches every day. If your submission does get accepted, please be aware that, due to a high volume of submissions, it can take several days for articles to be published after receipt.  

Comment/op-ed Submission Guidelines:

  • Most important: The primary purpose of writing comment piece is to draw attention to an important issue that requires action (whether this be positive acknowledgement or negative criticism). No commentary will be accepted if it does not contain this element. It should be supplemented by the author’s clearly stated opinions on the issue.
  • Use this opportunity to address an issue that is of interest to you. The main reasons for rejection are that there is no actual argument presented – just a topic and comments on how it is resolved using one product, which is a sales pitch. Our comment article must provide an opinion, and the writer must not to try cover everything that is happening in retail. Come across as an expert on one topic rather than average on multiple areas.
  • Avoid any explanatory pieces of technology, or anything going "back to basics". The Essential Retail reader is well aware of current issues so we are looking more for opinions on how to solve the problems rather than what the problem is.
  • Any submissions must be content exclusive to Essential Retail. We will not consider publishing non-exclusive op-eds. 
  • 600-800 words, search engine optimized, and with links to relevant companies/reports mentioned; also supply a 1-2 sentence summary of the article that incorporates the article key words and author’s name. Please provide a headshot of the author.
  • Use of bulleted/numbered lists is discouraged, as the point of an op-ed is to express a personal opinion. Although we do not prohibit the use of such lists, they should be used sparingly, and no more than once per op-ed. Any op-ed comprising a series of numbered/bulleted lists will be rejected.  
  • There are no deadlines for comment pieces, but keep in mind we prefer topics and content to be more evergreen in advice, and if the topic covered is very timely, we will begin an immediate review on how we can use it.

Opinion/comment articles should have a clear thesis, and should examine topics/subjects relevant to retail technology professionals. They should not be product advertisements. Product advertisement articles, or “advertorials” will not be accepted.