Covid-19: Young Foodies launches eCommerce site for small food retailers

Young Foodies is launching a new eCommerce site to enable small independent food retailers to sell online. Available to customers from 15 April, the site provides start-ups and SMEs without an eCommerce operation with the chance to boost their cash flow and revenue during the Covid-19 crisis.

With Covid-19 having a devastating impact on physical stores, it is critical that small independent retailers have an eCommerce facility to generate revenue. However, many of these businesses do not have the resources to run an online delivery operation. This new online sales channel, named Mighty Small, allows a quick and easy means for SMEs to start offering their products online.

Young Foodies will manage all supply and delivery operations on behalf of brands using the site. This includes managing multiple supply chains, centralising shipping costs, and handling and paying for all picking, packing, and delivery.

Delivery services for Mighty Small will start in London before being rolled out across the UK. Young Foodies is encouraging all SME food and beverage businesses to sign up to the website, regardless of whether they are already members of its community or not.

Theadora Alexander, co-founder of Young Foodies, commented: “Mighty Small is not just an online supermarket, it’s the result of SMEs coming together to buy into an exciting new concept for the benefit of all. Few businesses are as agile and open to change as challengers and Young Foodies is incredibly proud to make this happen. It forms part of our wider #MakeaDifference campaign to support independent brands throughout the Coronavirus crisis.”

Marketing of the new website will be primarily community driven, with brands encouraged to promote it to customers across their social media channels.

The initiative is another example of how the retail community are co-operating and finding innovative solutions to continue supplying consumers during the crisis.