#WRC2018: CX doesn’t need complicated technology, says Lego

Martin Urrutia, head of retail innovation and development at Lego Group, told delegates at World Retail Congress 2018 that retailers need to concentrate on making memorable experiences in their stores.

Speaking at the conference in Madrid this week, Urrutia said that Lego stores encourage customers to have fun while they shop.

“This is why the stores are like a theatre – but it’s not about the lighting, the seats, the carpet – it’s about the play,” he said.

“If you’re opening a store soon, think about when shoppers come to your stores, what do you want them to remember? When you go deep on this, you get a lot of interesting answers.”

Urrutia said customers may want a fun experience, or they may want to remember the store as a convenient place they were able to “grab and go”.

But for Lego, it is all about fun: “Shopping for Lego toys should be as fun as building them – it shouldn’t be boring, it’s toys!”

Last year, the retailer launched the Lego Mosaic Maker in its Piccadilly store, where customers have their photo taken in a photobooth and a box of Lego is created, giving the customer everything they need to build their own portrait out of Lego.

The Mosaic Maker has now been rolled out to a couple of stores in Europe and a fourth in Asia. While the experience uses bespoke technology, Urrutia was quick to point out that retailers shouldn’t rely on technology to create these memorable moments.

“True experience relates to your brand, it doesn’t need to be complicated with technology,” he said.

When asked how the company measures ROI from its CX store investments, Urrutia said sales, footfall, and frequency of purchase are all important numbers.

“But we’re reaching the mind set where maybe shoppers won’t buy that day, but leave with a great brand experience which will convert in the future,” he suggested.

“What is the role of our brand sore? To sell more or to be a brand centre and a lighthouse?”

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