Vivobarefoot launches ReVivo re-commerce platform

Specialist shoe retailer Vivobarefoot has launched its re-commerce platform, ReVivo, where end-of-line footwear is repurposed and resold.

The website sells previously worn men’s, women’s, and kid’s Vivo shoes, which have been returned by customers, mended, and categorised into “Excellent”, “Great” or “Good” quality. The aim of the initiative is to keep its products out of landfill.

As reported by Essential Retail, the project has been in the pipeline for several months, but the site officially launched yesterday (28 July).

The website is built and hosted using Vivobarefoot’s existing eCommerce infrastructure which is powered by Divendo, and supported by Global-E, a company that provides international shipping.

On the site, the company calls on the shoe industry “to take more responsibility” for the health of people and the planet. “It’s time to stop making rubbish shoes without end-of-life solutions,” it argues.

Since its inception in 1997 Vivobarefoot has made shoes in line with biomechanics to provide customers with – in its view – the best possible fit, but the launch of ReVivo has the health of the planet in mind.

Vivobarefoot chief commercial officer, Paul Walker, explained to this publication that the new website is “part of our mission to move beyond sustainability to become a truly regenerative business”.

“Future plans involve repairing customer shoes in and out of warranty, a re-soling service to keep other shoes from landfill, and an eventual merging of our re-commerce platform into our main website, offering reconditioned products alongside new products,” he added.

The new venture involves Vivobarefoot working in partnership with Leeds-based cobbler The Boot Repair Company. Returned shoes are checked for faults, steam cleaned, and sanitised before the reconditioning process begins.

At e-tail trade association IMRG’s Fashion Connect event in February, Walker discussed the potential of launching a 3D shoe printing service to ensure customers could buy better fitted footwear.

Asked about the initiative, he said “it remains work in progress and another exciting market leading project in our pipeline”.