Virtual DIY bag workshop launched by Freitag

Freitag, the bags and fashion accessories brand which makes its products from recycled truck tarpaulins, has moved one of its unique in-store features online so that customers can still use it during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The brand's virtual DIY bag workshop brings its Sweat-Yourself bag workshop, which exists in physical form in Zurich in Switzerland, online. Customers can take part in private bag-making sessions online by 'beaming themselves' into Freitag's micro-factory store.

By choosing each component of the bag – with planning advice from staff if required – the customers can create a unique product, exactly as they want it. The self-designed bag will be despatched to arrive at the customer's home within around two weeks.

The Zurich store opened in 2019, as a physical manifestation of the brand's policy of creating individual, personalised products. The store features a distinctive, moving, brightly-coloured production line that is visible from outside the store to draw attention to the service.

When customers take part in the process at the store, they carry out some of the final manufacturing processes themselves in a 'private production shift'. This includes using a template to cut parts to shape, and punching and supersonic welding machines to fasten them together. Staff take over for the more complicated stitching while customers enjoy an 'after-work' drink.

Freitag has a long-term environmental commitment to reusing materials. It removes tarpaulins from around 6,700 trucks every year. The brand was inspired when founders Markus and Daniel Freitag were looking for sturdy, waterproof bags to carry their graphic design work. They established the company in 1993.