Travelex website offline after software virus compromises systems

Currency exchange Travelex’s systems and website continue to be offline this morning (3 January) in the wake of a software virus discovered by the company on New Year’s Eve.

Travelex announced on Thursday 2 January that its systems had been compromised, and it had taken them down to “protect data and prevent the spread of the virus”. The company’s network of branches – found in airports, inside third-party retail stores, and in other destinations – continue to serve customers manually.

The business said, to date, the investigation into what happened shows no indication customers' data had been compromised.

“We have deployed teams of IT specialists and external cybersecurity experts who have been working continuously since New Year’s Eve to isolate the virus and restore affected systems,” Travelex said.

Apologising to its customers and would-be customers, it added: “We are doing all we can to restore our full service as soon as possible.”

It called on customers to use Twitter’s direct messaging function to put forward any queries they may have related to the software virus and their own personal data.

Customers trying to access the Travelex website are currently met with a “Server error in ‘/’ Application” message, while the IT and cybersecurity teams address the issue behind the scenes.

Speaking at Salesforce’s Dreamforce event back in November, Sushant Sahani, global head of channels at Travelex, described how the company needs to provide its services to customers wherever they are. The business is moving towards offering customers mobile ordering capabilities as well as airport click & collect using QR codes and self-service iPads, rather than the traditional glass kiosk.

Travelex is also working with Salesforce to completely remove the “counter transactional mindset” by creating a soft POS and web-based systems which changes the store space allowing more engagement with customers.

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