The Fragrance Shop connects online shoppers with store staff

Perfume retailer The Fragrance Shop has partnered with technology company Hero to connect online shoppers to its store staff.

At the tap of a button, consumers can contact the retailers’ experts in store, for a one-to-one interaction. The move has been made ahead of the festive season, when demand tends to ramp up across the sector, and during a period when online shopping has never held such a large percentage of the total retail market.

The Fragrance Shop sells 400 fragrance brands and more than 200 beauty brands, and now consumers can find about every one directly from a store associate through text, chat, or video call.

From an employee perspective, the Hero app – which has also been utilised by retailers such as Harvey Nichols, Levi’s and Size? – enables store staff to build deeper relationships with shoppers and be rewarded even if the customer in question completes a transaction online.

The Fragrance Shop owner & CEO, Sanjay Vadera, commented: “In today’s world, consumers are seeking instant access to information.”

Julian Holt, the retailer’s COO, added: “We know that the best experience for many of our customers will be in store, allowing us to connect our online customers to our in-store experts via chat and video.

“It’s in-store that we can bring the story of the fragrance brands to life using the wealth of experience and knowledge of our fragrance experts.”

Hero also gives staff the ability to see what products shoppers are browsing in real-time as well as the chance to schedule in-person appointments with customers or arrange curbside pick-up of products.

Hero claims its technology makes online shopping more human.