Tesco offers shoppers refillable container product range online

Tesco has partnered with ‘zero waste packaging’ firm Loop to offer consumers  a range of products which arrive in refillable containers. 

The trial enables customers from across the UK to order from 150 Tesco products, including sauces, yoghurts, soaps, cereals, moisturisers, chocolate and washing detergents that are sent inside Loop’s fully reusable packaging. Once the containers have been used, customers place them in a tote bag that is sent with the items and schedule a pickup and second delivery online.

The carrier company DPD, who make the deliveries, will then come and collect the empty containers, before they are professionally cleaned by Loop and ready to use for other deliveries. Customers pay a deposit on each piece of packaging used which is fully refunded upon its return.

Shoppers can apply for the service by clicking on a link on the Tesco website.

The move is part of Tesco’s 4R ‘Remove, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ strategy to transform the packaging it uses. Giles Bolton, responsible sourcing director at Tesco commented: “Reuse is a vital part of our 4R packaging plan and this pilot partnership is key to finding a scalable reusable packaging solution for our customers.

“We will listen to their feedback and help Loop develop the online service throughout the year. The range will increase over time and next year we will introduce some of the products in reusable packaging into our own stores.”

Sustainable packaging has become an increasingly important issue for supermarkets over recent years. And last week Asda committed to removing 74,000 tonnes of plastic packaging by 2025.

Commenting on the announcement, Louise Edge, senior campaigner at Greenpeace, said: "The rising demand for home deliveries on the back of Covid-19 presents a real opportunity for innovation in reusable packaging. It's great news that Tesco and Loop have seized this opportunity, and are allowing online shoppers to use refillable containers for items from drinks to shampoo.

"Replacing throwaway packaging with refillable containers won’t just help stem plastic pollution and protect wildlife. By preventing swaps from single use plastic to cardboard, it helps protect our forests too. Plus, reuse can deliver reduction in greenhouse gases, so it’s a win win win for the environment.”