Tesco technologist Paul Wilkinson joins Amazon Alexa

Tesco technology guru, Paul Wilkinson, has joined Amazon as senior product manager working on Alexa Shopping.

Wilkinson started the role at Amazon’s London offices today (9 March) after nearly a decade working at Tesco.

Wilkinson began his career at the grocer back in 2010 on the technology leadership graduate scheme and worked his way up to head of technology research and open innovation of Tesco Labs, followed by another senior position within the Tesco commercial team.

During his time at Tesco Labs, Wilkinson explored projects in artificial intelligence, voice-enabled tech and the internet of things.

He has played a central role in the supermarket’s work with start-ups, travelling all around the world to learn about innovative companies and their potential impact on the retail sector. He was also a key facilitator of Tesco TJam, a series of speed-dating-style events encouraging companies to pitch retail technology ideas to the Tesco business.

He more recently he switched roles at the grocer becoming head of product for space, range and display within Tesco’s commercial team, a position he held for the last 18 months.

Wilkinson told Essential Retail he is “excited by the opportunities around voice shopping” as he finished his first day working within the Alexa division at Amazon’s UK HQ at Principal Place.

He was an early advocate of voice technology and back in 2017 Wilkinson’s team launched voice-enabled online shopping in association with Google Home.