Ted Baker deploys new ship from store functionality

Fashion brand and retailer Ted Baker is enhancing its internal systems with new ship from store functionality.

The move is expected to help the business improve online product availability, as it opens up its shop estate as a distribution network for eCommerce orders.

Described as enhancing its “omnichannel order management operations”, the move involves Ted Baker working with France-based tech company OneStock, which has recently secured a number of contract wins in UK fashion retail’s mid-market.

OneStock’s software helps unify a retailer’s inventory across stores and warehousing and enables business users to decide the best method of fulfilment per online order. It is already working with Whistles, Radley, Jigsaw and Monsoon, among others.

As part of the Ted Baker deal, the retailer’s store teams will now receive click & collect instructions directly on an internal app. Previously, these orders were automatically shipped from a central warehouse.

Where possible, the new process will enable fulfilment directly from the destination store’s stock, which is viewed by the retailer as a way of offering customers a faster pick-up time while also reducing logistical costs. 

As well as uniting online and offline inventory, the ship from store element builds in an element of competition between shops because qualifying stores must claim the sale when the alert arrives, before packing the goods, and sending them directly to customers.  

“The main drivers for the ship from store project are to enable greater product availability on Ted’s website while maintaining a better sell-through rate of full-priced items within the store,” explained Clare Harrison-Empson, head of global retail operations at Ted Baker.

“OneStock will aid us in offering a seamless experience and delivery process for customers, keeping pace with the ever upward-shifting expectations placed on their favourite brands.” 

Ted Baker will initially roll out the ship from store functionality in the UK, followed by the US and territories in the Middle East and Asia.