Tech-led Japanese flagship for Lush

Skincare brand Lush has opened a technology-led flagship store in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The outlet showcases the latest in retail technology, in a space that offers exclusive products and new ways for customers to shop.

Developed in-house, the store is an evolution of the #LushLabs Harajuku store, which opened six months ago. It includes a ‘shoppable window’ that works the retailer’s mobile app. The opening of the store coincides with the launch of the latest version of the Lush Labs app, which functions in English, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

The store is situated in a wing of Shinjuku Station – the busiest station in the world.

According to Lush the store creates a three-stage retail journey, with bright and clean product spaces setting the tone for mood changing experiences. A fourth floor, yet to open, will host further unique experience.

Digital signage features heavily in the store – matching the urban landscape of Shinjuku. A four storey (426 inch) external screen will seek to grab attention from passers-by, with content based around the values and campaigns of Lush.

Icons and pictograms are used extensively to overcome language barriers, with the aim of welcoming all visitors as equally as possible.

Skin consultations, spa treatments, and a number of other services are offered in the store. Each floor offers a different uplifting and interactive space to encourage exploration.

Sensors in the store recognise customer positions and movements, activating sounds from displays to target experiences ‘filled with surreal moments’.

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