Superdrug makes social media anti-bullying pledge

Superdrug has unveiled an anti-bullying campaign across its social media platforms in an effort to encourage users to “be kind” online.

The retailer decided to make a pledge to combat cyberbullying and online trolling after noticing negative messages after shining a spotlight on emerging make-up artists and bloggers on its social media platforms.

Superdrug is working with Ditch the Label to remind its social media users to take a stand against negative online behaviour. The retailer has also teamed up with influential content creators Imogenation, Simone Powderly and Georgia Rankin, to spread the word about the campaign.

Gemma Mason, head of marketing at Superdrug, said: “At Superdrug, we are proud to provide a safe space for our customers and staff, both in store and online. We pride ourselves on being a company that supports and includes everyone. We are excited to be working with Ditch the Label for the #BeKind movement, to enable us to continue to encourage positivity and kindness within our community.”

Liam Hackett, CEO and Founder of Ditch the Label – which supports young people with bullying mental health, relationships and identity – added: “At Ditch the Label, we are committed to working towards a world that’s fair, equal and free from all types of bullying. It's always encouraging when other voices join our cause so we are delighted to support Superdrug with the anti-bullying initiative #BeKind in making a stand against online bullying. Together we can make a difference in the lives of anyone affected by bullying and online abuse.”

Superdrug will actively respond to any negative or hateful comments with a manifesto message asking users that “if you have nothing nice to say, that you don't say anything at all”.

The full message reads:

At Superdrug, we want our social spaces to be a positive experience for everyone. We won't tolerate cyber bullying or unnecessary, hurtful comments. We'd like to ask that if you have nothing nice to say, that you don't say anything at all. Please be kind to each other, and keep our comments section a safe space for everyone. #Bekind”