Showfields picks Miami for second store

US retailer Showfields – which describes itself as a 'next generation' bricks and mortar store – is to open a second branch.

The store, located on Lincoln Road in South Beach, Miami, follows the retailer's debut store, which opened last year in New York. Its business model sees it provide physical retail space for digital-first brands, with brand activation spaces of varied sizes. Design is by an-house team at Showfields.

The Miami branch will feature art installations, a theatre, a 'speakeasy' bar and restaurant, tattoo parlour, and space for 40 to 50 brands. The store will provide more than 1,328 sq m (14,300 sq ft) of space over two floors, in a restored historic building.

"We believe that Miami sits on the intersection of art and retail. We are excited by the crossover of both our existing NYC customers and an international audience that may not have the exposure to the brands that we currently showcase. Miami is a city on the rise and ranked as one of the largest growing cities in the U.S. ripe with art, culture and more. We are thrilled to be part of this incredible ecosystem,” said Showfields chief real estate officer and co-founder Amir Zwickel.

“Over a year after opening our first location, we have had the privilege of learning many things. One of those things is the importance of becoming a home for the local community of entrepreneurs and artists and not only being a destination for shopping and discovery. We will open our doors in May, the end of peak tourism season, as one of the things we pride ourselves on is our ability to create engaging experiences no matter the season. The future of retail in Miami is not just about holiday and Art Basel, but about creating a vibrant space that lends itself to the amazing city that is Miami and the incredible things that are being built there,” added Zwickel.