#Shoptalk18: 5 European eCommerce learnings from La Redoute

“The mobile sitting in my pocket has caused massive disruption,” CEO of La Redoute, Michael Truluck.

“But it’s not like in the past where you sat down at a desktop and ‘went online’ – consumers are snacking on their mobile phones.”

Truluck said because of this change in online shopping behaviour, retailers need to remove as many barriers as possible from their eCommerce sites to encourage conversion.

La Redoute sees 40-75% mobile penetration, with the statistic varying from country to country. And because it serves 26 different countries, the 180-year-old retailer has to be very familiar with the different customer behaviours in each individual market.

At Shoptalk 2018 in Las Vegas, Truluck shared five learnings from trading online in Europe:

1. The UK is still the leading country in terms of digital penetration, when including mobile and tablet sales.

2. But in just the last last year, Spain has caught up overtaking the UK when it comes to pure smartphone use.

3. Russian shoppers are the biggest users of mobile applications.

4. But 95% of Russian orders are paid for in cash at delivery – change is given on the doorstep.

5. Despite France and Switzerland being neighbours – they have completely different payment preferences, with 95% of Swiss customers opting to pay for their orders by invoice at the end of the month.