Self-service showroom for Danish fashion brand Pieces

Danish fashion brand Pieces has opened a new showroom, called ‘Her Social Studio,’ at its headquarters in Aarhus. The showroom seeks to immerse customers in a multi-faceted hub for co-creation and brand storytelling.

The space has been designed by Dalziel & Pow, which has evolved a store concept it developed for Pieces in Den Bosch in 2016. It will be used for a range of uses, including brand activations and engagement projects, staff training, VM testing,  and styling sessions. It will be used to immerse visitors – including franchisees, partners and staff – in the Pieces brand.

The showroom is broadly divided into two zones – Her Wardrobe and Her Studio.

Her Wardrobe has a contemporary Scandinavian style that reflects the style of Pieces customers. It is designed to be flexible shopping space, with a ‘coming soon’ panel to give a peak at future collections or collaborations.

Her Studio is a co-working space which gives insights into the brand’s creative processes. It features informal lounge seating, and offers complimentary drinks and a hosting cupboard with gift wrapping materials.

Perimeter walls are used a canvas for brand inspiration and mood boards, and to chart works in progress, upcoming events and the brand’s manifesto.

The showroom is mostly unstaffed, and is 100 per cent self-service. Visitors and staff can make purchases via their own mobile devices.