River Island uses AI to add dynamism

River Island has announced it will be using artificial intelligence software to improve its management of stock across its stores that could see it boost sales by up to 10% and reduce out-of-stocks by 60%.

The fashion retailer is implanting a solution from Nextail that will give it more powerful forecasting and decision-making capabilities at SKU and store-level, which will enable it to anticipate and act quickly on changes in demand.

River Island continues to offer an increasing number of new products to customers each week that can put strain on a business as it manages the throughput. It will be this aspect that the retailer expects the Nextail solution to help with as it provides the ability for River Island to more dynamically manage its inventory.

The move to utilise AI technology is the latest step in an ongoing digital transformation at River Island that has seen massive change across the company’s infrastructure and it is this earlier work that provides the platform onto which the Nextail solution is able to plug into.

This programme of major change has been spearheaded by Doug Gardner, CIO at River Island, who said: “The main return on investment of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and automation is not about cost savings. It is more about enabling River Island to be an agile organisation that is able to react rapidly.”

River Island has over the past few years embraced cloud technology for core processes to help it overcome the problem of over-stocks and changing consumer habits and the adoption of AI and Nextail is the next step on its journey to position itself for a successful future.