Rituals migrates to Apple iOS

Rituals has rolled out Apple devices to its 670 stores in 27 countries around the globe, investing in 650 MacBooks, 700 iPads, 650 iPhones and 1,500 iPods.

The retailer has worked with Apple ecosystem management company, Jamf, and started with a pilot of 20 MacBook devices at its headquarters back in 2016. Rituals reported that staff found the computers easy to use and provided flexibility, which kicked off the decision to migrate from PC to Mac.

Rituals also chose iPads to help with its efforts to be a paperless company, and staff use the devices for a range of processes from ordering products and keeping on top of store inventory to reading the company newsletter.

iPod Touch devices were also deployed in Rituals stores to provide a mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solution, as well as being used to analyse a customer’s skin to recommend products. The iPods are also used to scan products as they arrive at a store to eliminate inventory errors.

“Through Jamf Pro, we have a clear view of our devices, and are able to install and update them at any moment in every country,” said Nico Wartenbergh, chief technology officer at Rituals.

“Jamf’s solid infrastructure, along with its extensive capabilities, is instrumental in making sure Rituals’ digital strategy is successfully implemented. Jamf was the success factor of this implementation.”

Cate Jones, key account manager at Jamf, added: “Rituals is now at the forefront of the retail revolution deploying Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod in its day-to-day operations. These mobile technologies have significantly transformed how it coordinates with staff and suppliers, and brings insight to each customer interaction.”