#RetailEXPO19: JML boss hails cost effectiveness of TV advertising

Consumer products company JML still receives a better return on investment (ROI) from television than its other marketing channels despite the decline in linear TV watching, according to chief executive Ken Daly.

Speaking at RetailEXPO in London, Daly said: “You hear some people say TV is dead but we are still finding TV is very powerful, and while there’s no doubt it is declining it is not really obvious what is replacing it because nothing else comes close to delivering the ROI.

“We are increasing our spend in social but Facebook is still well behind TV in terms of return on investment. Television is a scattergun approach and you have a huge amount of wastage but we still hit consumers more cost effectively than the targeted methods of Facebook.”

Some 71% of people who have purchased a JML product in store say they have been influenced by TV advertising.

JML has built its business off the back of product demo videos, which it runs both on its 24-hour shopping channel and on in-store screens.

Daly said: “We have something called screen to screen synergy. We find the cumulative effect of all the different video content is much more powerful that the sum of the individual parts.

“Quite often the video is more important than the product – whether customers buy will often be determined by the quality of the video and not the product itself.”

The company adapts its television advertising and product demo videos for social media by making them “shorter and snappier”. It is also making them interactive through the Facebook Canvas tool.