#RetailEXPO19: Alibaba on moving beyond omnichannel with Fresh Hippo

David Lloyd, managing director of UK & Nordics at Alibaba Group, says Alibaba does not talk about omnichannel and instead thinks in terms only of the retail experience. regardless of the channel.

Lloyd illustrated his point at RetailEXPO in London by highlighting the company’s Fresh Hippo retail experience, which has disrupted the traditional grocery shopping experience.

Lloyd said: “The unique thing about Fresh Hippo compared to any supermarket experience in the UK is the store is an app.

“When you design technology from the ground up you can create an experience consumers want.”

Customers shopping online can log into the app and it will locate the nearest store to them, and if they are within a three kilometre radius of its network of 120 stores they can receive a delivery straight from the store within 30 minutes.

If a customer is in the store, the customer can scan every product using the app and checkout using the app.

This experience allows them to link the offline and online experience into one seamless retail experience.

Lloyd said: “If you always shop in the app, it means every shop you do with us we can see the data. We can then say do you want to replicate the in-store shop but from home?”

Lloyd was speaking at a panel along with Intersport Group Denmark chief operating officer Thomas Just Rasmussen, who spoke of how the store is “the ultimate connection to the consumer”.

Rasmussen said: “You have the first touchpoint online but where you create loyalty is in physical stores. We want to create universes where you can go in and get educated and inspired.”