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Retailers told to get ready for Gen Alpha consumers

Retailers and brands should be aware that the next generation of consumers will be very different to those who have gone before, according to Beano Studios – the company behind the long-running Beano comic.

The company has published the results of a research project into the behaviour, goals and attitudes of Gen Alpha – those consumers born since 2010.  According to Beano Studio this generation, born in the year the first iPad was launched, is already influencing what goes into the family shopping basket and will go on to have very different expectations to their forebears.

More than 2,000 parents and children took part in the research, which identifies five key trends of Gen Alpha consumers.

Firstly, there are considered to be ‘digital masters’ with technical understanding far ahead of their millennial parents.

However, despite this they have ‘new old-fashioned’ views of on how to live happily, placing a value on family time and playing outside.

This generation is expected to yield ‘architechs’ who will be creative entrepreneurs through their knowledge of new technology.

Gen Alphas are shaping up to be a generation of activists, protesting against everything from single-use plastics to gender discrimination, and taking part in events such as the school strikes movement.

In a post-stereotype world, Gen Alphas are keen to judge people on actions rather than background, and are judged to have a strong moral compass.

Beano Studios CEO Emma Scott says, “Gen Alpha is the generation that will seek to bend the digital world to their needs and ambitions and not be defined or consumed by it; they will set aside our current worldview stereotypes of identity and difference, and their love for cherishing and saving the physical world around them will literally change the face of our planet.

“Beano for Brands’ Generation Alpha report is just the beginning. We’ve only just started to scratch the surface of this exciting, impassioned generation. With the oldest of Gen Alpha yet to reach secondary school, Beano for Brands will continue to monitor their progress and educate the world on who they are and what we as parents, educators, legislators and businesses need to do to keep up with them.”

The study showed that 20 per cent of those aged between five and nine have already been on a march or a protest – and have been supported by their parents in doing so.

Gen Alpha girls are quick to reject gender stereotypes, taking inspiration from capable women across cultures rather than from ‘princesses’, described in the report as the ‘I can wear pink AND play football’ attitude.

Meanwhile parents of Gen Alpha boys are showing an increasing commitment to making sure their sons aren’t left behind girls in educational terms.