Regeneration project for Catford

Catford in Southeast London is set to host a new cultural hub featuring a food market, a three screen cinema, café, bar, live entertainment venue, and co-working and exhibition spaces.

Catford Mews is being developed by Really Local Group, which specialises in restoring and creating cultural infrastructure by ‘putting the heart back into the high street’, to act as a catalyst for wider regeneration. The venture is seeking funding from local residents via Kickstarter, and will be seeking to attract local entrepreneurs as tenants.

Really Local Group founder Preston Benson says: “Really Local Group is all about prioritising true localism, delivering first-class and much needed cultural infrastructure with genuine consultation with the people of the local area. It is my aim to make Catford Mews the envy of South London, a destination for the people of Catford and the surrounding area, which will spearhead a revival of the Catford Centre. I am incredibly excited to open this new community space and look forward to sharing details on our next projects in the coming months”