#RBTE2018: JML leveraging its content across channels

Combining TV advertising with in-store digital screens has a multiplier effect on sales conversions especially when there is consistency around the branding and story being told about the products.

Speaking at RBTE 2018 Ken Daly, CEO of JML, said screen-to-screen synergy is a “very, very powerful” force at JML where its 8,000 digital screens, located in the stores of major retailers including Asda and Debenhams, show the same content as that used in its extensive TV advertising campaigns.

This helps JML generate 70% of its revenues from in-store, but Daly said the video content it produces in-house also has a big impact on its online sales: “Video content online increases conversion by 80%. Because we’ve always produced our own video content we were perfectly placed for [the emergence of] online retail.”

JML’s decision to produce all its content in-house ensures there is a consistency in the branding and storytelling around its products, according to Daly, who added “it gives a consistent look and feel across all media.”

The storytelling is also integral to the company’s model that centres on the development of unique new products that need to be explained to customers. Whereas once JML used people to do live demonstrations of products in-store, they now deploy digital screens.

“Our products have to have a story and be better than what is already out there,” said Daly, who explained that of the 80 products tested each year only 10% will be successful. Weeding out the poor performers involves a “fail fast and move on” mentality that is supported by a very data-driven approach.

“When we develop a product it’s all about the analytics. We use it to remove all elements of gambling and when we see a product is not selling then we pull it,” concluded Daly.