#RBTE2018: CX technology requires managing expectations

Introducing digital solutions into stores has to be done with great care and with the objective of improving the experience for customers – not about simply bringing in technology for technology’s sake.

As part of an RBTE 2018 panel discussion - ‘Enhancing the in-store and online customer experience’ - Kash Ghedia, head of technology at Dixons Carphone, said: “We need to manage the expectations of what customers expect from technology. How do we deliver this experience and does the customer actually want it?

“When you focus on curating the experience then it’s more about the end goal of what you want the customer to get out of it,” explained Ghedia.

He also believes that the culture of a store has to be considered before any new technology is introduced. “We’ve looked at bringing in tablets and mobile devices, but before this maybe we also need to look at removing the tills,” he added.

For James Lipscombe, MD of The Chesterford Group, the introduction of any technology solution for enhancing the customer experience also requires the buy-in of employees: “You need to get everybody on-board. Tell them it’s going to make their life easier. It’s about education. You’ve got to sit in their operational shoes in order to see what their problems are.”

Alison Wiltshire, global practice lead for retail & consumer goods at BT Global Services, agreed that sensitivities have to be front-of-mind when any changes are being made in-store: “It’s sometimes about cultural change. When technology is forced on people then there is a reluctance to use it.”

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