#RBTE2018: Amazon reflects on the changing needs of the consumer

Speaking at RBTE 2018 in London, Natasha Toothill, head of enterprise sales, Amazon Pay, highlighted some key trends of today's connected consumer and how shopping preferences are changing, along with discussing how Amazon and Amazon Pay are solving the ever-changing needs of connected consumers.

In the amazing age of technology in which we now find ourselves “how we shop is changing fundamentally, and how we as merchants interact with our customers is also changing,” she said.

“We [consumers] are very much driven by a want for everything NOW – this idea of instant gratification – we want everything and we want it immediately,” Toothill added.

To respond to that as merchants, she said there is a need to personalise the experience we have with our customers, “being customer-centric, gratifying them instantly and creating a personalised customer engagement experience.

“That’s what customers want,” she continued, “they want to be curated to and have offers that are bespoke to them.”

When merchants get that right, they can “do really well” Toothill explained, citing a recent survey which found that 78% of consumers will only engage in offers that have been personalized to them.

We also want be doing this in a trusted, secure, safe and convenient environment as “90% of consumers see trust as an important factor in purchasing decisions,” she said.

In terms of what Amazon is currently doing to develop innovative solutions to meet the changing needs of the connected consumer, Toothill referred to the following:

Toothill explained that Amazon’s ‘forward-leaning’ approach to new technologies and services always focuses on the “end problem a customer has, what we are trying to solve and then works backwards to create a solution that is customer-centric for that particular customer.”

To conclude, Toothill cited voice technology as the future of commerce. “Voice will actually enable brands to identify with customers, new shoppers and new buyers all the way from the initial marketing point, through to sales and then service.

“Voice is going to re-invent commerce.”

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