#RBTE2018: How Chinese super apps are redefining the consumer experience

Speaking at RBTE 2018 in London Vanda Kospic, head of sales, sales consumer goods, Wirecard explored the growth of Chinese super apps and their impact on the consumer experience.

Kospic explained that Chinese tourists in Germany, particularly at Munich Airport, are a highly attractive consumer target group, spending (on average) £2,700 on holiday compared to £860 spent by Brits. “This underlines the importance of targeting the needs of those customers.”

Kospic defined “lifestyle super apps” as smart-phone based services that combine various functionalities within one single application. Of these, she cited Alipay (520 million users and 100 million transactions per day) and WeChat Pay (902 million users and 92% of international luxury brands have active accounts) as the most successful in China.

These types of apps have the capability to collect a lot of data which reveals a lot of things about the customer and “allows them to target and address the merchant’s customer in a very efficient way and guide them into stores.”

The data can target various elements, including demographics, environment, keyword tags, behaviours and interests. “Merchants over here in Europe already have a lot of this data but most of the time this knowledge is not really used in a very efficient way,” Kospic said.

There’s a key trend in Europe towards mobile, she added, “we carry our smartphones everywhere with us; why not use that as an additional communication channel towards the customers?

“Merchants will benefit if they invest in mobile optimized content and use this as an additional communication channel and if they reward the customers for engaging with them,” Kospic explained.

To conclude, Kospic shared the impressive results of Wirecard’s and Munich Airport’s shared implementation of both Alipay (July 2016) and WeChat Pay (December 2017), highlighting the benefits European businesses could gain from introducing such services on a wider scale.

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