Queues and slow payments putting shoppers off high streets find surveys

Long queues are a significant factor in shoppers avoiding high street stores, according to a new survey carried out by payment technology company Jisp.

In a survey of 1,000 shoppers more than a third (41 per cent) said they don’t use high street stores because of lengthy queues, with 24 per cent saying retailers should adopt more up-to-date payment technology.

The findings are supported by a report from GlobalData, which says that younger consumers from Millennial and Gen Z categories are increasingly dependent on technology – including payment methods such as Apple Pay – when shopping for FMCG products.

“Despite the fact that fewer of us now shop in bricks and mortar stores, lower staffing levels often mean there are still queues at the pay desk, which can be frustrating. In this age when payments can be made instantly with a mobile phone, for example, these delays seem like a relic of the past to busy shoppers – and another reason to shop online,” says Jisp CEO Julian Fisher.

Jisp’s research highlights that some shoppers value the lack of delivery charges and waiting times associated with shopping on a local high street, while being able to interact with physical product was seen as  a benefit to nearly half (48 per cent).

“It is vital for retailers to take heed of these results and make some big changes to tempt consumers back to the high street. Making it easier for customers to pay for their goods and adopting new technology to do so should be at the top of the agenda. Retailers should also focus on the elements of the shopping experience that are unique to stores, such as the ability to touch and try on items, which can’t be paralleled online,” adds Fisher.

Meanwhile, GlobalData finds that 16 per cent of Gen Z consumers say that advanced payment methods is the most influential factor in choosing where to do their grocery shopping, with millennials closely behind at 15 per cent.

“These findings suggest that FMCG retail outlets, especially supermarkets and convenience stores, need to offer more advanced payment methods to accommodate younger generations,” says GlobalData consumer analyst Charles Sissens.

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