Pharmacy of the future format trialled by Well

Well Pharmacy – formerly the Co-Operative Pharmacy - has worked with YourStudio to develop a new Pharmacy of the Future concept designed to better meet customer needs.

The format has been trialled at a site in Northenden, near Manchester, close to the retailer’s head office. The group operates from 780 locations around the UK.

Features include a new floorplan and layout that has been designed to create a more streamlined customer experience, rather than being focused on products and services. A previously overwhelming level of communication materials has been pared back and the dispensary – the most popular area – has been moved to the front of the store. The move seeks to demystify the back-of-house process by making it visible through the storefront.

A new ‘Essential Well flow’ system has been designed for staff work stations at the dispensary, helping each to perform their core tasks more efficiently, and from an optimum location, with each space designed for a specific activity.

A consultation area, prescription collection point, and an exterior 24 hour vending machine – a first for the UK pharmacy sector – are also included in the store.

A number of modern, functional and textured materials have been used in the pharmacy. These materials provide acoustic benefits while creating a signature interior that customers will recognise from branch to branch. The colour palette features white timber, with navy blue timber used for service counters, and green accents throughout the store.

Lighting is used to create a subtle division between different areas of the store, accentuating customer spaces. The front of the store has a warm lighting level, which becomes cooler around the dispensary.

“Through workshopping and understanding Well’s business and customer needs, we strategically developed a new customer journey to improve efficiencies, reduce wait times and hopefully taken the business and sector in a new direction. The new concept is clean, modern and unique to Well and the sector. We look forward to opening more stores together, we have several more planned over the next two years,” says YourStudio co-founder Tom Philipson.

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