Office Depot goes into the cloud with Infor

Office Depot is updating its global operations platform using cloud-based technology.

The retailer has partnered with Infor to improve its supply chain and inventory management systems, by rolling out GT Nexus Commerce Network solutions.

The technology will also improve transportation management, allowing Office Depot to reduce costs by having visibility of the entire supply chain. The retailer will also be able to use the software to confirm orders with suppliers as well as create electronic documents to track inventory and payments in real time.

“Infor’s global operations platform allows us to improve our supply chain automation so we can react faster, be more agile, and have greater control over our direct import operations,” said Rick DiMaio, VP of supply chain for Office Depot. “By enhancing our inventory management, it will ultimately lead to a better customer experience.”

Corey Tollefson, senior vice president and general manager at Infor Retail, added: “The future belongs to networked companies, and the supply chain is at the center of any retailer’s success. Working with Infor, and utilizing our cloud-based solutions, organizations can take advantage of unprecedented supply chain visibility that will create a successful a business network central to operational efficiency.”