#NRF2020: Customer fitness app informs Under Armour business

As Under Armour this week launches its latest marketing campaign, ‘The Only Way is Through’, it continues to leverage data from its fitness app to help it better understand its customers.

Speaking at Retail’s Big Show 2020, organised by the National Retail Federation (NRF), Kevin Plank, exec chairman of Under Armour, said: “The backbone of our business is connected fitness. We have the number one health and fitness app with 300 million consumers and 70,000 downloads every day. We use this data to be smarter about our customers. Data is at the centre of what we do to understand customers and where they are going.”

Customers can upload their meal details and fitness workouts, which combine to help the company be “smarter about our customers”. Plank also revealed that its Hovr shoes range incorporate a chip that gives users the distance they have covered, the cadence, and speed among other things that can then be used to help improve their performance and also feed into the company’s developments.

By using this data, alongside other insights gleaned from surveys around the world, Under Armour has been able to identify its core customer as a ‘focused performer’ and it is this individual that it is targeting with its new marketing campaign that forms part of its strategy to amplify the brand in 2020. This has been formulated following what Plank said it a “retooling” of the business, which comes alongside the upgrading of its IT systems with an SAP solution.