#NRF2019: Be transparent with in-store tracking, says Hammitt

Hammitt CEO, Tony Drockton, said retailers need to be upfront with its use of in-store tracking technologies.

Speaking at the NRF 2019 conference in NYC this week, the CEO of the brand which launched 10 years ago on Netsuite, said: “Transparency is very important – you have to be honest with your customer.

“Don’t be embarrassed about using a beacon or ashamed if you’re tracking. Follow the European standards and let them know.”

Drockton was referring to GDPR, which was introduced in May 2018 to update data privacy in the online world and ensure businesses manage customer data in a safe and effective manner. 

Drockton advised retailers to explain to their customers how and why they have decided to use technologies such as beacons and facial recognition.

“Tell them the value of it: If they buy online [tracking technology] can make the pick-up in store seamless and avoid bottlenecks. You’re providing them with a service and saving them time which is what the customer wants.”

Drockton was talking on a panel in The Girls’ Lounge at NRF, alongside Ralph Lauren CIO, Janet Sherlock, who described how the retailer is using data to connect shopper journeys and put customers at the centre of everything.

While Sherlock said beacons are on the Ralph Lauren technology roadmap, she was much more hesitant when it came to facial recognition. Instead, the retailer plans to use beacons to track customers coming in and out of the store, as well as identifying where they are dwelling within the store.

“We’re also looking at passer-by traffic to see how effective our window merchandising is.”

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