Nike opens House of Innovation 000 in NYC

Nike promised more stores like Nike by Melrose in Los Angeles, and another one arrived in New York City yesterday (15 November) – but with a Big Apple twist.

The six-storey, 68,000 sq ft shop on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 52nd Street includes one floor dedicated to the local community, where – using online shopping data analysis – footwear and apparel products are stocked based on local shopping trends, and then quickly restocked as the taste of customers evolves.

Nike calls its new New York City store the ‘House of Innovation 000’, and says the space must be able to “communicate with its city through people and digital services, inviting a conversation that’s synchronised to the customer."

Other features in the store include in-store lockers, where NikePlus members can reserve items via phone and have them stored, ready for pick-up whenever is convenient to the customer.

To mark the store’s opening, the new Nike shop features two maker's studios, which enable shoppers to customise their products with their own choice of laces, fabrics, and more – effectively giving them a chance to build their own footwear.

Lots of one-to-one customer service opportunities are provided, which can be booked via the Nike app. NikePlus members, for example, can partner with a brand expert to find the right item, and then customise the product further – Nike says this might be an ideal approach for finding suitable running shoes, for example.

Fast changing and digitally-enabled

Meanwhile, the tiles on the ‘Arena’ area of the store can be rearranged to host new spaces and configurations; the idea being that Nike can change store design and layout to move with the times, or to incorporate special events.

In a clear push to reward loyal customers and build a community-like feel around the brand, NikePlus members can use the ‘Member Unlocks’ and ‘Scan to Try’ features of the app upon entering the store to request items to be brought to them for a quick fitting. A ‘Shop The Look’ feature enables customers to scan a code on an in-store mannequin, browse online every item the mannequin is dressed in, and check to see if specific sizes are available before requesting those items are sent to a fitting room.

There is also a Nike Instant Checkout, which allows customers to scan and pay using their app. These self-service payment stations are positioned throughout Nike NYC, and encourage shoppers to bag their purchase and go.

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