Nike embeds shoe size fit tool in mobile app

Sportswear titan Nike has unveiled Nike Fit, a new technology-enabled mobile app feature that helps customers choose the right shoe size.

It said the new tool uses a proprietary combination of computer vision, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and recommendation algorithms in what the company believes upgrades the “antiquated” existing system for shoe fitting.

The innovation comes a year on from Nike’s acquisition of Invertex, a computer vision firm based in Tel Aviv, Israel, which specialises in 3D scanning technology to aid the customer eCommerce experience. In 2018, Nike also acquired Zodiac, a consumer data analytics firm based in New York City and Philadelphia.

Using Nike Fit

When a customer gets to the point in the Nike app when they need to input their shoe size, a new option asks whether they would like to try Nike Fit. Using a smartphone camera, Nike Fit can scan feet, collecting 13 data points to map foot morphology within a matter of seconds.

Customers can store the scan of their unique feet dimensions in the NikePlus member profile and use it for future shopping online and in store.

Once feet have been scanned, a user will be offered a “best fit for you” recommendation. For instance, if continuing to shop on the app, a customer won’t see a run of sizes anymore – just the size they require for a particular shoe. Nike said customers might be recommended different sizes for different shoes, adding that there are often different sizing requirements depending on what the footwear will be used for.

The new tool also has a ‘guest mode’ that allows for scanning other people’s feet in the event that a customer is buying a gift for friends or family.

“Nike Fit is a transformative solution and an industry first – using a digital technology to solve for massive customer friction,” the company said.

“In the short term, Nike Fit will improve the way Nike designs, manufactures and sells shoes – product better tailored to match consumer needs. A more accurate fit can contribute to everything from less shipping and fewer returns to better performance.”

The brand said its ultimate goal is to “totally personalise product” by offering custom-made shoes for each shopper.

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