New interactive store format for lingerie group Triumph

Lingerie group Triumph has introduced a new store format – designed by Futurebrand UXUS – for its newly rebranded Amostyle label. It has been launched in LaLaport shopping centre in Yokohama in Japan.

The agency was briefed to create a contemporary, interactive store that would engage a younger audience in a physical retail space.

The result sees the store adopt a new zoning strategy that guides customers through the space to various focal points where they can trial, create and buy products. There are allocated ‘dwell’ and ‘impulsive’ areas, designed to encourage customers to spend longer in the store. The former prioritises comfort and interaction, while the latter uses more localised displays to prompt impulse purchases.

An interactive display feature functions as a three dimensional mood board, with an iPad showcasing and lifestyle elements such as styling tips and cross-merchandising opportunities.

The main window allows a view onto a ‘stylist’s stage’ which displays the latest product collections. A range of digital and flexible displays, designed to be adapted over time, has been included in the store.

The store uses a mixture of natural and industrial materials, including terrazzo, concrete and plywood, while the colour palette employs different pinks and soft pastel shades. The interior is decorated with houseplants, round cushions and pendant lighting.

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