New herbal medicine brand store launches in Israel

Herbal medicine brand Bara, based in Israel, has introduced a new store format to complement its herbal clinic and products.

Located in the city of Kfar Saba, in the centre of Israel, the first branch in a planned chain has been designed by Tiltan Kaon, head designer at Studio Samuelov, which is based in Tel Aviv. The 50 sq m (538 sq ft) store seeks to reflect a meeting of the world's of science and nature, with an emphasis on the client's company motto: 'Each client deserves personal guidance and consultation'.

The interior also seeks to reflect values of professionalism, service and privacy, according to the design agency.

The materials palette in the store includes terrazzo flooring in earth tones, turquoise service desks and window frames to reflect Bara's brand colours, and a rear wall in Criaterra earth tiles. The wall conceals a hidden door to a clinic area.

A central motif, created by designer Lana Revenko, shows a plant in detail that suggests the arteries and nervous systems of a human body.

Window boxes located around the walls contain natural vegetation, while shelves of natural wood and white Formica are arranged in shape of a greenhouse to create an 'angle of natural protection'.

Graphic light features, created by Soho, feature sketches of herbs.

Information and help desks have been given biomorphic shapes that suggest the forms of living creatures, and can be approached from any direction, to remove any sense of barriers between staff and customers.

Bara has been established for two decades.

Photography: Uzi Porat Photography