Covid-19: New eBay CEO's first address commends coronavirus efforts

Newly appointed eBay CEO Jamie Iannone has said he looks forward to continuing the efforts made by the online marketplace in supporting worthy causes in the coronavirus crisis, as well as working to aid small businesses.

In his first address since taking the hotseat on 27 April, Iannone said his strategy will be to “focus on an improved user experience and provide more tools for sellers and small businesses”.

He commended the work his business has been doing globally since the Covid-19 outbreak, and thanked Scott Schenkel “for his leadership as interim CEO over the last several months”.

In a LinkedIn Pulse post to mark his arrival at eBay, a company he held senior roles at in the past, Iannone said initiatives such as “Up & Running” in North America, “Always Open” in Australia, “Open for Business” in the UK, and “We Are Open” in Germany showed eBay’s purpose.

“These programmes were built with the sole purpose of helping small businesses without an eCommerce presence transition to selling online when so many brick and mortar shops are forced to shutter,” he wrote.

“In the UK, we’re partnering with the NHS, the Department of Health and Social Care, and others to pilot a new platform to supply primary care and social care providers access to personal protective equipment for free.”

Interim CEO, Schenkel, has led the business after the departure of previous permanent boss, Devin Wenig, who took leave from eBay in September last year amid a boardroom disagreement over the proposed sale of its StubHub and Classifieds businesses.

“Scott has led and implemented huge changes in the business all while guiding the company through one of the biggest health crises our society has ever faced,” Iannone commented.

Iannone joined eBay from his role as COO of Walmart’s eCommerce business, and prior to that he was CEO of, the eCommerce unit for Walmart-owned wholesale operation, Sam’s Club.

He previously worked at eBay as a vice president and in other leadership roles between 2001 and 2009.