MUJI introduces mobile checkout solution in UK stores

MUJI has announced it is rolling out a new mobile self-checkout solution across its UK stores.

The Japanese household and consumer goods retailer will use Mishipay’s “Scan, Pay, Go” technology to allow customers to select and purchase items without the need to queue and generally reduce contact with staff and other customers. This will make it easier to adhere to social distancing rules amid the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

Via the solution, customers can use their smartphones to scan and pay for items in Muji stores, avoiding human-to-human interactions. They can also use the technology to check prices as well as view additional items and real-time promotion information.

David Brice, managing director at MUJI UK, commented: “The in-store experience for customers has always been an important part of the MUJI brand, and MishiPay’s mobile self-checkout solution has allowed us to create a new level of convenience. Not only are customers enjoying being able to check out without queuing or touching hardware, but our staff are also more free to help, advise and add real value to the shopping experience rather than processing payments.”

In August, wholesale retail grocery group BWG Foods launched a pilot mobile scan & go scheme in Ireland using Mishipay’s technology as physical retailers continue to find ways to make customers feel safer whilst shopping.

Last week, the UK government introduced a new three-tier lockdown plan in response to rising coronavirus cases. While retail stores will not be forced to close under the rules, the wider impact on tier 3 high streets from the potential closure of hospitality businesses is expected to be far reaching as consumers reduce their contact with others and stay at home to avoid the risk of Covid-19.