Moss Bros talks up its online analytics toolkit

UK formalwear retailer Moss Bros has appointed software provider ContentSquare to aid its online testing practices.

Alongside its testing platform, which is provided by Dynamic Yield, Moss Bros said it is using the new solution as part of a process which sees it continually change its website, analyse the results on customer behaviour and tweak its proposition accordingly.

ContentSquare appears to be on a roll in UK retail right now, having recently secured deals with the likes of Ikea, M&Co, and WHSmith-owned Funky Pigeon.

Matthew Henton, head of eCommerce at Moss Bros, says the user experience (UX) analytics platform helps his team gain a better understanding of how the retailer’s customers are interacting with its websites.

“At Moss Bros we have a strong test and learn culture and we conduct lots of AB testing onsite,” he explained.

“What ContentSquare has enabled us to do is conduct post-test analysis to drill down into exactly why a particular test has won or not won. This has allowed us to improve the overall process of testing and deliver a much smarter approach to optimisation.”

He added that friction points can be investigated and resolved using the software. The system is utilised by Moss Bros’s wider digital team, including those looking after UX, digital acquisition, optimisation and trading.

Recently, for example, Moss Bros found that visitors who interacted with the bottom half of product pages, which held recommendations and reviews, were more likely to make a purchase than those who did not. Using the new software in conjunction with Google Analytics, the retailer opted to moved this type of user generated content up the page, and it has now reported better conversions as a result.

In recent trading announcements, Moss Bros has spoken of challenging conditions. Last year it reported a stock supply problem that impacted sales, and it also said in January this year that revenue was significantly impacted by deeper discounting around the Black Friday weekend than it had originally planned.

The suits retailer said it discounted heavily to keep up with what others were doing in the market.

In the 23-week period from 29 July 2018 to 5 January 2019, Moss Bros said total retail sales, including eCommerce and wholesale, were up by 1.9% year on year and 0.1% on a like for like basis.

Growth is mainly coming from its eCommerce arm, where sales were up by 27.8% on last year and comprised 16.2% of group revenue – up from 12.8% recorded in the same period one year before.