Mobile payments: more than just a new way to pay

Payments is a step on the retail journey which is never going away. While it may become easier and more seamless to pay – think Uber and Amazon Go as the game-changers – the exchange of money for goods and services remains inherent.

And while a number of stores are becoming ‘cashless’, more efficient ways to pay using cards or digital means are arising.

You only have to look at developing countries to see how over the last decade mobile payment technologies have been welcomed by businesses and unbanked consumers to sell and buy products and even pay rent.

Meanwhile, in developed markets, it has made the process of purchasing products and services even simpler. A report by research company Phoenix Marketing International found 32% of smartphone owners now have credit or debit card details in a third-party mobile wallet, while 67% of 18-32 year olds have connected their smartphones with their card details.

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