Matalan ramps up search for eCommerce talent

Fashion and homeware retailer Matalan is ramping up its search for new eCommerce talent as it looks to continue the online growth journey it has experienced in recent years.

The business is looking to move away from working with consultants and, instead, build out its internal team – specifically with the addition of a new eCommerce delivery lead, user experience (UX) lead, QA engineer, and business analyst.

In a blog post, Matalan’s eCommerce director Paul Hornby said the company is keen to add these roles as it goes through a “consciously uncoupling” process with Equal Experts, a network of software consultants that specialises in agile delivery.

Matalan has been working with the consultancy for around a year, using it to produce a target team structure that would allow the retailer to meet its goals. Equal Experts supplemented the in-house team by supplying a delivery lead, business analyst and QA engineer.

Hornby described them all as “a brilliant cultural fit with the existing team”.

“They have done a fantastic job of articulating what the future could look like and how it could give the team a far greater level of professional fulfilment,” he explained.

Hornby has been in his role at Matalan for 18 months, during which time the company has established a UX Lab in its head office in Knowsley. The facility has been built to analyse consumer behaviour online – customers are invited there to interact with the website, and the team can monitor how it is being used by its target market.

Online sales at Matalan grew by 31% year on year in the 12 months to 23 February 2019.

In his blog, the eCommerce director said his team has recently made significant strides in “building a single backlog” reflecting all ongoing activity, introducing Scrum as a way of working, tightening up processes for capturing and prioritising work, and generally improving development processes.

“Even though it feels like we’ve made huge progress (and we have), we’re only just at the start of the journey and are ambitious to do so much more in the months and years ahead as we invest and grow our in-house capability to allow us to just that,” he commented.

“We’ll be consciously uncoupling from Equal Experts soon as we want to continue this journey with our own full-time permanent talent."