Mango invests in centralised automated distribution centre

Spanish-based fashion retailer Mango is benefiting from a new, automated distribution centre to serve both its online and physical store business. Designed and built by TGW Logistics Group, the centre enables Mango to prepare its entire product range in one central hub located near Barcelona, consolidating its supply chain.

The multichannel retailer has grown its business substantially in recent years, with a presence in 110 countries and over 15,000 employees. It has 2,200 stores and also offers its range of clothing, footwear, bags, and accessories to customers online.

The new distribution centre serves its global business efficiently, with the aim of optimising delivery times and reducing logistics costs.

Antonio Pascual, director of supply chain at Mango, commented: “We are taking the next step towards modernising our intralogistics system with this new distribution centre. This means that we will be able to continue to offer our customers the best possible service in the years ahead.”

To begin with, cartons are received in containers or on pallets at the inbound zone, which move on to the storage and order preparation zone which has a capacity of 850,000 cartons and 44 aisles.

Daily orders are then prepared in cartons for flat garments and accessories in the picking zone, which contains eight toting stations and a Stingray shuttle system. This shuttle system has 14 aisles with 13 levels each that supply mono-reference cartons to TGW picking workstations.

David Bendien, CEO south europe at TGW, said: “The new solution is fully automated and combines both flexibility and dynamics with maximum control over each and every process. And all this at a modest total cost of ownership.”

Modernised distribution centres are likely to be critical for retailers to expand their eCommerce capacity in the coming years, especially in light of the accelerated shift to online shopping during Covid-19.

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