Luxury goods house LVMH commits to working with more start-ups

Global luxury goods conglomerate LVMH has announced 30 finalists for its annual Innovation Award.

Start-ups included on the list are active in 17 categories, including traditional retail, eCommerce, artificial intelligence (AI), social media, blockchain, anti-counterfeit solutions and sustainability.

A winning company will be presented with their award at the Viva Technology event in Paris at the end of May. The 30 businesses, which have been whittled down from 800 applicants are, as follows:

Akoustic Arts has developed narrow beam sound speakers heard only by someone in the area directly facing the speaker.

Alcméon has created a CRM tool that helps community managers and contact centres for brands optimise engagement with consumers on social networks and instant messaging channels.

AlgiKnit creates wearable textiles from recyclable bio-polymers.

Aryballe launched the first mobile and universal connected 'olfactive' sensor, able to recognise and classify odours.

Arylla produces an invisible ink that can be used by customers and retailers of luxury goods to verify product authenticity.

Aveine has developed a smart wine aerator that immediately prepares the wine to the ideal conditions before tasting.

Bobbli develops a solution that allows viewers to purchase products discovered while watching a movie or TV.

CityShake combines 3D technologies, user experience, art direction and design to create immersive and interactive digital art.

Echy proposes a solution that captures sunlight outside buildings and transports it directly inside to poorly lit spaces using fibre optics.

Foko Retail is an online application to manage multiple physical stores and improve coordination between headquarters and field teams.

FTSY has created a mobile phone app that captures images of feet to identify the shape and size of the foot.

Haptic Media provides a tool to create 3D product visualisation and customisation.

Hero turns in-store sales associates into connected personal shoppers to serve and sell to online customers.

Icare is developing a new digital consumption solution using an intelligent ring equipped with NFC technology able to replace payment cards, car and home keys and other contactless devices.

Innomdle Lab is developing a smartwatch that uses the body as the connection unit to transmit phone calls by transmitting vibrations from the fingertip to the ear.

Kronos Care says it has reinvented the post-purchase experience with an omnichannel solution for brands and retailers.

Kuaizi is an AI-enabled automatic content production platform that also analyses performance of previous content.

Malong provides APIs for visual product recognition based on AI.

Mercaux is a platform enabling in-store digital transformation and sales person empowerment by connecting off and online channels.

Mystore-e aims to elevate the customer experience with an in-store recommendation platform that shows customers products matched to their tastes and needs.

Orbis is positioned as a creative solution to create buzz at events and points of sale by producing interactive holographic content.

Oyst has created a button that allows shoppers to make purchases in one click without providing additional details.

Paperscent is a smart fragrance sampler dispenser that instantly dispenses branded and scented perfume strips.

Southpigalle allows brands to deploy personalised, automated conversational experiences across all customer touchpoints using AI.

Sparted provides a mobile learning platform to train staff and improve their knowledge of a brand’s culture and tracks progress.

Spoon designs artificial creatures for access to e-retail features in stores.

Upterior has invented a new category of materials that combine copper and glass or gold and glass into a single material.

VeChain develops a blockchain ecosystem for shared information traceability to enable companies and consumers to verify product authenticity.

VisioPM provides dynamic interactive 3D content without glasses.

Wearable Media combines fashion and technology by designing clothing and accessories that can be customised interactively.

LVMH has revealed the list just one week after announcing the creation of an accelerator programme at the Station F start-up campus in Paris. The new LVMH initiative will welcome 50 international start-ups each year, with the aim of tapping into their technological expertise for the good of its own brands, and inventing innovative new products and services for the luxury market.

Some 89 workstations are available for start-ups within the 220 sq m LVMH space which is being described as 'La Maison des Startups' in keeping with how it describes its various business segments as Maisons.

LVMH will be looking to work with companies that can help bring innovation to its key areas of commerce, which cover Wines & Spirits; Fashion & Leather Goods; Perfumes & Cosmetics; Watches & Jewellery; and Selective Retailing.

Ian Rogers, chief digital officer at LVMH, claimed: “Innovation isn’t just a buzzword at LVMH, it’s a practical obsession, crucial to maintaining our leadership position long term.

“Collaborating with start-ups helps us stay abreast of both business opportunities and ways of working. A healthy start-up ecosystem is necessary for a healthy industry.”

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