Heavyweight backing for Lush SpyCops initiative

A number of politicians, lawyers and journalists have signed a letter defending Lush over criticism of the cosmetics retailer’s controversial SpyCops campaign.

The shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, who was once spied on by police, is among 67 signatories, lining up alongside the likes of Caroline Lucas, Michael Mansfield QC, Owen Jones and campaigners for justice over police actions at Hillsborough and Orgreave.

“We are pressing for the current public inquiry into undercover policing to ensure that there is full disclosure of what took place, including who was targeted, by whom and how. Without this full disclosure there is no way of knowing the full extent of what happened during the dark years of this secret policing operation,” the letter stated.

It added: “Lush has used its facilities to help us as victims press for full disclosure and reform so that this never happens again. This is not an attack on police; it serves to help all those in the police service who wish to uphold the highest standards of policing. For this we thank Lush for its support. We condemn those who have misrepresented Lush and our campaign and especially those who have sought to intimidate its staff. #WeStandWithLush”.

The retailer is promoting the three-week campaign on social media and in-store. There has been a negative reaction by the mainstream media and on Twitter, Facebook et al, with people labelling the initiative “shockingly ill-informed” and "misguided at best, nasty at worst" and posting images and videos of themselves throwing away Lush products. 

The backlash has forced Lush to pull SpyCops from some stores due to "intimidation" of its staff by ex-police officers. "Whilst this and unhelpful tweets from those in high office are ongoing, not all of our shops feel able today to have the campaign window in their shops. However, the campaign is still running for three weeks and we will be constantly weighing up what to do about the situation,” it said.