L'Oréal unveils latest 'smart' beauty product at CES 2020

Global beauty brand L'Oréal is once again talking up ‘smart’ products that represent the latest is personalised beauty regimes, and that can only mean one thing – it is time for the Consumer Technology Association’s annual CES event in Las Vegas.

L'Oréal often uses this time of year to showcase new ranges derived from its US-based in-house technology incubator, and 2020 is no different, with the company yesterday (5 January) unveiling Perso, an artificial intelligence (AI)-fuelled skincare device.

Described as “an AI-powered at-home system that represents the ultimate in beauty personalisation”, Perso features a four-step process to deliver on-the-spot skincare and cosmetic formulas that reportedly optimise for increasing levels of personalisation over time.

Nicolas Hieronimus, L'Oréal's deputy CEO, said: “Building on our deep scientific heritage and leadership in innovation, L'Oréal is once again leveraging advanced technology to create smart beauty products and services that answer the needs of our consumers and offer them near-limitless personalisation and precision.

“We are committed to making L'Oréal the leader in beauty tech – and Perso is the next step in that exciting journey.”

Perso can also create custom formulas for lipstick and foundation, but these capabilities will be unveiled and made available for consumers at a later date.

Guive Balooch, head of L'Oréal's technology incubator, noted: “We know that customisation relies on information about your unique skin and personal preferences as well as your environment; this technology accounts for that. 

“Perso uses AI to optimise the formulas and actually gets smarter as you use it," he added.

L'Oréal said Perso will be launched in partnership with one of its leading skincare brands in 2021.

Last year at CES, L'Oréal unveiled My Skin Track pH by La Roche-Posay, a technology aimed at helping consumers better monitor their skin and therefore find the L'Oréal products most suitable for them.

CES 2020 runs between 7-10 January in Las Vegas, featuring a host of consumer brands and their innovations, including Garmin, P&G, and Samsung.

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